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Atomic Cannon internet links
Click on the links below to see other websites concerning the Atomic Cannon.
US Army in Germany

This website contains memoirs, anecdotes, photos and other items provided by U.S. Army veterans whom served in Atomic Cannon units in West Germany. Once in this site, look for links mentioning "280mm."

U.S. Army In Germany

This link takes you to the Atomic Cannon page of the Global site on world weapons technology.


This link takes you to Wikipedia's entry on the Atomic Cannon.


Sam Berliner's Site
Sam Berliner's Site

Sam Berliner's vast and remarkable site contains this page of images, text and anecdotes concerning The Atomic Cannon. Once the page opens, scroll down until you find the links to his Atomic Cannon pages. Well worth visiting.

Addendum 2015: Sam's site has information about the 280mm cannon's predecessor, the 240mm gun, and about the "baby" Atomic Cannon, the 175mm. Check it out.

Wim Vink's Mil-Mod Site

Model of the Atomic Cannon
by Wim Vink

Once the site has loaded, open the folder named "Construction articles" and then open "Atomic Cannon".

Isotope 244

This link takes you to a online Games site with a really fun, downloadable video game called "Atomic Cannon."

Atomic Cannon

The Boxart Den
This site is dedicated to collecting, restoring and celebrating classic plastic model assembly kit box art; well worth registering to see the box art.
AFV Modeller Magazine
CadBest 1/48 Paper Model

This link will take you to a site where you can buy a full color paper model of the Atomic Cannon: CLICK

This link will take you to the artist's build blog of his prototype: CLICK

CadBest 1/48 Paper Model
Atomic Cannon